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Other Ways to Support Beth El

Beth El Temple Special Funds

Beth El has non-endowment Special Funds that support a variety of synagogue programs and activities.

Beautification Fund: for projects which improve the elegance and beauty of Beth El Temple, including the Ceremonial Court.

Camp Ramah Fund: to provide subsidies to children attending Camp Ramah. 

Cantor’s Music Fund: for the purchase of music & supplies to enhance the worship experience. 

Cemetery Fund: to help support the upkeep of the Beth El Cemetery. 

Chai Society Fund: to support programs for Beth El Temple congregants, 55 years and older. 

Education Fund: to enhance the innovative educational experiences of our school children. 

Early Childhood Fund: to support and enhance the Early Childhood community. 

Friends of Ari Santiago Temple Accessibility Fund: to develop handicapped accessible Temple projects. 

Max Goldfield Fund: to help needy members of our community at times of personal difficulty. 

Hagshamah Fund: a special fund to help infertile couples. 

Jewish Continuity Fund: to support programs and resources for innovative, educational, cultural or religious endeavors to promote Jewish identity. 

Judaica Museum Fund: to purchase items of Judaica for permanent display. 

Library Fund: to purchase books and periodicals for Temple library. 

Prayerbook Fund: to purchase siddurim and chumashim for Shabbat and holidays. 

Rabbi Garber’s Discretionary Fund: for philanthropic purposes to be dispensed at the personal discretion of Rabbi Garber. 

Rabbi Rosen’s Discretionary Fund: for philanthropic purposes to be dispensed at the personal discretion of Rabbi Rosen. 

Student Israel Assistance Fund: to subsidize travel to Israel for students. 

Taste of Shabbat Fund: To defray the costs of Kiddushim and luncheons on Shabbat.

Temple Fund: to defray costs of maintenance and refurbishing of our facilities in addition to mortgage amortization. 

Tsedakah/Chesed Fund: to support charitable needs and community social action. 

Youth Activities Fund: to subsidize the cost for informal youth activities. 


Scrip is Fundraising While You Shop™

Did you know you can raise money for Beth El Temple while doing your everyday shopping? Simply purchase gift cards from the Beth El Temple office for any of the participating retailers. Use these gift cards in place of cash, checks, or credit cards for purchases you were going to make anyway! Each card purchased carries an associated “contribution” of 2-15% or more. Groceries, clothing, dining out, home improvement, even gasoline can all be purchased with Scrip.Our organization of 950 families could raise more than $100,000 per year if they do the majority of their shopping with Scrip – without spending an additional penny!


Our Scrip Offerings:

Barnes & Noble

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Dunkin Donuts


Land's End

LL Bean

TJ Maxx


Payless Shoes


Shop Rite


Stop & Shop


Whole Foods

Crown Supermarket

Big Y Supermarket


You can order by filling out our order form and returning it to the Temple office, or by going online to Create a new account and enroll with code 2FBA715D2L6L8.