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Request PR

Keep our new bi-monthly Temple Topics publishing schedule in mind. Submission due dates are as follows:

  1/25 for March/April
3/25 for May/June
5/25 for July/August
7/25 for September/October
9/25 for November/December
11/25 for January/February

Click here to load the PR request form template in your default mail client to submit your PR Request via email.

Here is the form you can copy/paste into Gmail or other mail clients to submit your form:


SUBJECT: PR Request: (xxx insert event name here xxx)

Name of Event:    
Date of Event:    
Location of Event (if not at Beth El):
Start Time:    
End Time:    
RSVP Deadline:    
Do you want online event registration?     
If this event is recurring please list the future dates.:   

Is this event limited to Beth El members?

Event Coordinator:    
Event Coordinator Phone:    
Event Coordinator Email:    
RSVP Contact:    
RSVP Contact Phone:    
RSVP Contact Email:    

What is this event about?:    
Website links relevant to speaker/ event:    
(Please attach your flyer to this email)

What -- if any -- support will you need from office staff? (Please be specific, with estimated timetable. For example: Designing and mailing invitations three weeks prior, printing flyers 6 weeks prior, etc.)

INTERNAL PR - Marketing Vehicle (YES or NO, deleting option that does not apply)
     (YES or NO) Temple Topics (published every two months, see above for submission due dates)
     (YES or NO) Shabbat Leaflet - approximately 3 weeks prior to event
     (YES or NO) Email Blast - 2 per event max

EXTERNAL PR - All due eight weeks prior to event (YES or NO, deleting option that does not apply):
     (YES or NO) Press Releases
     (YES or NO) Calendar Listing
     (YES or NO) Web Site Feature
     (YES or NO) Facebook

Our marketing team will review all submissions to determine which marketing vehicle(s) will best serve your event. While we can't guarantee that all vehicles requested will be utilized, we will do our utmost to ensure that your needs are met.


Fri, September 24 2021 18 Tishrei 5782