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Community You Can Believe In


Support at the loss of a loved one

Hineini is a group of Beth El members who respond to the needs of mourners in our synagogue community. The assistance may include preparing the home for mourning, arranging for meals, helping with home shiva minyans, providing a ride or a “buddy” for regular daily minyans...whatever the particular needs of each specific mourner.

If you would like assistance from Hineini:
Please contact Rabbi Rosen or Rabbi Sowalsky or the synagogue office at (860) 233-9696.

If you would like to help mourners in need:
Our goal is to help every mourner with their specific needs. We send email notifications to Hineini members when needs arise. If you are able to meet that need, simply respond to the email. Some volunteers are able to respond often while others, as they have time. Mourners are so appreciative of our help; your work with Hineini is a real mitzvah. If you would like to participate in Hineini please contact our office to connect with our Care Coordinator Leah Katz or any member of the professional staff.

Wed, July 24 2024 18 Tammuz 5784