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Our in person minyan allows people to come together for worship, say Kaddish, name a baby, provide support in good and difficult times, and builds a lasting connection to those around us.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Minyan? 

Minyan is an opportunity to come together twice a day for prayer, community, music, reflection, and a few moments of quiet in our busy world. It is a gathering of a minimum of ten Jewish adults (over the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah), which has all the essential components of Services, including the Mourner’s Kaddish. Torah is read on Monday and Thursday mornings with the inclusion of the Mi Sheberach prayer for those who are ill. Without ten people, a Mourner or those observing Yahrzeits cannot recite the Mourner’s Kaddish, Torah can’t be read, and the Bar’chu blessing doesn’t occur. 

Why do we have Minyan? 

Minyan allows people to come together for worship, support, and the sense of connection to those before us. It allows us to pause in the midst of our busy workweek, and to connect with members of our community both during minyan and in the conversations that take place immediately before and after. Having a minyan is also a requirement to say certain communal prayers, including the Mourner’s Kaddish. As such, minyan is an important way that we support and comfort those in our community who have recently experienced loss. 

How Does Minyan differ from the Shabbat Morning Service? 

Daily minyan is much shorter than Shabbat Morning Services, and is a more informal environment. In addition, while some prayers, like the Sh’ma, are the same, other prayers in daily minyan focus on weekday themes, whereas Shabbat Morning Services are dedicated to celebrating Shabbat. 

What can I expect at Minyan? 

Our Clergy and/or a congregant leads and guides the service with English and Hebrew portions. Congregational participation is encouraged at whatever level you feel comfortable with. 

Do I need to know Hebrew to attend? 

No. All are welcome to participate at whatever level they feel comfortable. 

When and Where is Minyan held at Beth El Temple? 

365 days a year, 6 days a week in the Levine-Shein Chapel 

Mornings: Monday – Friday 7 am and Sunday 8:45 am 
Afternoons: Sunday through Thursday 5:30 pm 

How long is Minyan? 

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings – 30 minutes 
Monday and Thursday Mornings (when Torah is read) – 40 minutes
Sunday Through Friday Evenings – 25 minutes 

Can children attend? 

Everyone is welcome! Although one must be 13 years or older to be counted in the minyan, the presence of children always enhances the service, and children who would like are encouraged to lead certain prayers like Oseh Shalom. We have books and toys available in the foyer outside the Levine-Shein Chapel. 

Is there a dress code? 

Dress as you’d like – it is a casual atmosphere. 

Am I required to wear Tefillin – the leather boxes with words of Torah inside that are traditionally worn during weekday morning services? 

No, but if you would like to try wearing tefillin, our rabbis have many sets available to loan, and would be happy to teach you how. 

Am I required to wear a Tallit – a prayer shawl traditionally worn during morning services? 

No. The prayer leader is expected to wear a tallit, but others in the congregation may choose to wear one or not. If you would like to wear a tallit, there are many available right outside the Levine-Shein Chapel for you to use during services. 

Am I required to wear a kippah? 

We ask that men wear a kippah, as well as anyone who is on the bimah. Others may choose to wear one or not. There are many available right outside the Levine-Shein Chapel for you to wear. 

What do I do when I am at Minyan? 

You can engage in any way you’d like – read the Hebrew – read the English – your own personal prayers.

Do I need to sign up? And where?

You are welcome whenever you show up. However, if you can plan your attendance, you can sign up here to let us know what days you are attending. You will then receive a calendar invite and a reminder two (2) days before your selected dates.

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