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“And Ruth said: Do not urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.” (Book of Ruth 1:16)

Are you interested in casting your lot with the Jewish people? Have you been looking for “something” that speaks to your spirit but couldn’t figure out what it was? Or have you found your life partner and want to share in their religion? No matter the reason, our clergy is ready to explore with you a path toward living a Jewish.

It's a Personal Process

Our conversion program is individually tailored to each candidate’s personal situation and needs. In general, our clergy will meet privately with a student for a period of time, during which we ask students to live like a Jew to the best of their ability. Our Greater Hartford Conservative rabbis co-sponsor and co-teach the Institute for Basic Judaism, a course that meets weekly from September/October thru March/April (depending on when the Jewish holidays are). This is a wonderful way to learn with others who are walking a similar path. Participation is not required, but is strongly suggested, for both candidate and, where possible, the candidate’s Jewish partner.

Conversion according to the laws of the Conservative movement includes circumcision for males who are not yet circumcised, or hatafat dam brit, a drawing of blood, for those who are. Individuals immerse in our mikveh, our ritual bath, separately in front of a same-gendered guide. 

During and/or following conversion, we are happy to set you up with a mentor, someone who converted years before, who can show you the ropes and help troubleshoot your new holidays and rituals. 

Jews-by-Choice are welcomed to participate in all synagogue activities, services, and programs. We would be delighted to celebrate your conversion with an aliyah, a Torah honor. Please contact Rabbi Howard Sowalsky to schedule.

To begin studying with one of our rabbis, please contact Rabbi Rosen or Rabbi Zerin by calling our office at (860) 233-9696.

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