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Special Funds (including rabbinical funds)

Every dollar you contribute can and does make a difference. Whatever you give, your dollars will be utilized to the best of our ability. All funds with a defined purpose are restricted to that purpose. All other funds are unrestricted.

Print out our donation form to pay by check

An acknowledgement card will be sent to the recipient you have specified telling them who made the donation (with your address) and why it was made. Donations to the Temple Fund, our Special Funds or Endowment Funds receive recognition in our monthly newsletter, Temple Topics. The minimum donation for listing in Temple Topics is $10.

Thank you for helping us help.


Beth El Temple Endowment Funds

General Unrestricted Funds

Alter Family Fund
(support youth activities and youth education at Beth El)

Morris & Ellen Banks Family Fund

Louis M. Beckenstein Fund

Bert & Ruth Berlin Fund in loving memory of our daughter Ellen
(support early childhood education)

Bezalel Building Fund
(provide funding for capital repairs and improvements, replacement and maintenance)

Judith & David Borus Family Endowment Fund

Ann & David Brandwein Family Fund

Edward & Susan Chestler Family Endowment Fund

Naomi & Michael Cohen Endowment Fund

Dolin-Etscovitz Family Endowment Fund
(provide its income for the Beth El Music & Arts scheduled concerts and related programming)

Sharon & Bob Efron Family Fund
(support all things Israel at Beth El including but not limited to education & programs)

Leonard & Vicki Eisenfeld Endowment Fund
(supports adult education at Beth El & Beth El sponsored programs and activities directed towards Tikun Olam)

Frances and Philip D. Feltman Fund

Jane & Nathan Field Memorial Fund
(support direct, hands-on projects by Beth El that assist the needy in the Greater Hartford area without respect to religious affiliation)

Betsy Heilpern Firger Healing Spring Music Fund
(further artistic, secular & religious music at Beth El)

Friends Fund for Members in Need
(assist members who find themselves in financial difficulty. This might include but is not limited to difficulty paying utility bills, buying food, or maintaining Beth El Temple membership)

Garfield Family Fund in memory of Jamie Garfield

Ruth L. Gartner Fund
(support professional staffing for adult activities)

Gavens Family College Youth Fund
(maintain programs & projects for young Jewish adults at Beth El, ages 18-25)

Melvin & Sandra Gershman Memorial Fund
(to support adult education at Beth El Temple)

Yetta Gitlen Fund

Mildred, Hyman & Edward Glasband Memorial Fund
(provide scholarship support for teenagers/young adults participation in educational programs in Israel)

Molly Gold Fund for Jewish Education
(help students enhance Jewish awareness through field trips, kinnusim, conferences or other consciousness raising experiences)

Goldberg Endowment Fund for Education
(support religious school program development including: innovative curricula, inclusive practices, relevant speakers, progressive technology, professional development for faculty and funding of needed supplies in order to foster meaningful learner engagement)

Gloria Lavitt Goldenberg Endowment Fund

Gloria Goldenberg Music & Lecture Series Endowment Fund
(underwrite a program of music or an educational or lecture program at Beth El for the benefit of its members and the Greater Hartford community)

Golder Family Fund

Harry E. Goldfarb Endowment Fund for Teacher Training
(used for specific teacher training including adult education)

Harry E. Goldfarb Scholarship Endowment Fund
(defrays cost of tuition, travel or other expenses in pursuit of studies or programs in Jewish religion or culture)

Sadie L. Goldfarb Endowment Fund

Syd Goldfarb Endowment Fund
(improve elegance and beauty within the confines of the beautification fund)

Mother Goldstein Fund
(purchase Kosher wine for Kiddush & festival celebrations)

Edith Garfinkel Gordon Fund

Gottfried Family Endowment Fund

Beverly P. & Arnold C. Greenberg Endowment Fund

Mildred Sanders Greenberg Fund

Susan and Marvin Grody Family Fund

Irving & Shirley Gutcheon Congregant Assistance Fund
(provide support for Beth El families needing financial assistance with regard to their health and welfare, and those requiring hospice or home care)

Richard & Debbie Gutcheon Family Endowment Fund

Anna Heineman Memorial Fund

Herman Family Fund
(provide funding for teachers in the Beth El Religious school and to fund teachers for special programs for school age children at Beth El)

Henry Matthew Hillman Youth Scholarship Fund
(provide financial assistance to attend USY programs to a deserving member of Beth El’s USY chapter)

Ben Horowitz Fund

Amanda Jack Endowment Fund

Eleanor Weinberg Jainchill Family Fund in memory of Alvin L. Weinberg
(support landscape maintenance to ensure the original park-like quality of the BET cemetery)

Leah Goldschmidt Katz Endowment Fund
(support Holocaust awareness and education for members of all ages)

Charna & John Kaufman Family Endowment Fund

Rabbi Stanley Kessler Tribute Fund

Kest Family Fund
(provide programming for young children additional to formal educational program)

Kesten Education Fund
(further education at Beth El, especially for Midrasha and Special Ed)

Ruth & Harry Kleinman Endowment Fund
(support the Kleinman Weekend Scholar-in-Residence program and similar programs)

Kochen Family Fund
(purchase Torah supplies and Ritual supplies and for Torah repair)

Vicki & Michael Konover Endowment Fund
(support equally, philanthropic purposes dispensed at the personal discretion of Beth El’s senior rabbi and the purchase of music & supplies to enhance the worship and music experience at Beth El)

Koppelman Fund
(support Men’s Club speakers & education for debating)

Koteen Family Fund
(support Synagogue-wide programming to enhance Jewish life and rituals)

Krasow Greenblatt Family Fund
(support religious education at Beth El promoting Jewish gender equality issues)

Sandra L. Kravet Woman of Valor Endowment Fund
(support a program or event that honors a woman within the Beth El community who embodies the qualities of a modern-day woman of valor)

Kreinik Family Endowment Fund

Leshem Family Endowment Fund

Marc S. Levine and Tamara Kagan Levine Family Endowment Fund

Levine-Shein Endowment Fund

Judie & Coleman Levy Family Fund
(provide funding for capital repairs, replacement & maintenance)

Diane & Richard Lieberfarb Endowment Fund
(provide congregational education on LGBTQ issues for members of all ages)

Ludgin Family Endowment Fund

Mann Family Temple Organ Fund
(support for an organist at times when the organ is played at Beth El Temple)

Mathog Family & Yontef Family Endowment Fund
(provide programs and/or opportunities for the Beth El community to connect with Israel in a variety of ways)

Cipie & Daniel Miller Family Fund

Janet & Harold Moskowitz Endowment Fund

Arthur & Stella Mostel Fund for Adult Education
(provide support for adult education at Beth El)

Seymore & Ann Newman Memorial Fund

Papermaster Family Fund

David Pearl Memorial Fund for Children with Special Needs
(support enrichment programs for Beth El children with special needs)

Elliott Baruch Pollack Endowment Fund
(to support music as part of the Temple’s religious services with special emphasis on Kabbalat Shabbat)

Charles & Paula Polivy Endowment Fund
(support the Chai Society Picnic-on-the-Patio and other Chai Society programs)

Rabb Family Fund

Dr. Leo P. and Eleanore B. Reiner Endowment Fund
(sponsor Family Education programs for Beth El parents and children)

Lois & Alvin Reiner Family Fund

Resnick Family Fund
(support programming for interfaith couples)

Henry B. Richmond Fund

Roland-Berkowitz Family Fund
(provide awareness & sensitization about people with special needs which may include programs, activities or materials to better help congregants understand the needs of members with special needs.  The fund may also be used to enhance inclusion in our congregation and community. Additionally, the fund can be used to provide assistance for members in financial need.)

Carol & Mark Rosen Israel Teen Trip Fund
(support Beth El teens going to Israel)

Rosen Family Kehillah Kedosha Fund

Ann Rosow-Lucchesi Beautification Fund
(provide for the beautification of Beth El Temple and/or the Beth El Temple cemetery)

Lester P. Roth & Rita Roth Memorial Endowment Fund
(support the Membership Committee and the Ritual Committee)

Marshall & Sandra Rulnick Endowment Fund

Sara & Morris Rulnick Memorial Fund
(provide Camp Ramah tuition for those who cannot afford it)

Jennie, Myer & Nickey Sanders Fund

Santiago Family Fund

Michael & Susan Schenker Endowment Fund

Muriel G. & Morton L. Schenker Fund for the Arts
(underwrite educational programs and events including school projects, shows, and performances in the arts focused on drawing, painting, crafts, writing, drama, and dance for the benefit of the Beth El community and the greater Hartford Jewish community, with a preference for benefiting children, teenagers, and young adults.)

Albert & Mickie Schoolnik Endowment Fund

Eugenie Schoolnik Fund

Bertha & Sidney Schulman Endowment Fund
(support the activities of Beth El’s educational IT programs; the Beth El library, including, but not limited to purchase of books, other reading materials, computers and other library aids; support the choir, including but not limited to purchase of sheet music, rental of equipment and payment of guest singers and support the choir’s High Holiday efforts.)

Laurie & Marshall Shakun Family Fund

Sharp Family Endowment Fund

Mort Shechtman Men’s Club Fund
(support the programs sponsored by the Beth El Temple Men’s Club)

Bruce Shein & Sharon Levine-Shein Endowment Fund
(provides transportation to Beth El for its members, especially during the High Holidays and other times as well)

Shulansky Family Fund

Anita & Paul Sigel Temple Organ Endowment Fund
(maintain, repair, refurbish and recondition the Sanctuary’s organ and ancillary equipment)

Rose & Charles Silverman Fund

Sisterhood-Women's Network Endowment Fund
(support Women's Network at Beth El)

Sylvia Clark Solomon Memorial Library Endowment Fund
(purchase books for the library)

Clara & Mickey Sowalsky Gabbai Rishon Endowment Fund
(provide appropriate book on Jewish mourning laws, practices and customs to families sitting Shiva)

Arnold E. & Selma Squires Memorial Endowment Fund
(maintain, repair and replace the Temple’s Judaica including, but not limited to, Torahs, tallit and kippot)

Carol W. Starr Family Endowment Fund for people with Developmental Disabilities
(support programs and services for people with developmental disabilities within Beth El Temple and the Greater Hartford Jewish community)

Leigh A. Newman & Gary S. Starr Family Fund

Louis & Rita Stein Fund
(provide flowers on the holidays or other events during the year and for the synagogue’s general and charitable purposes)

Gerald & Paula Steinberg Endowment Fund

Lewis A. Steinberg Family Fund
(support education for Beth El children of all ages)

Dr. Manuel and Evelyn Stier Memorial Fund

Sussman Families Endowment Fund
(provide funding for capital repairs, replacement & maintenance)

Nathan & Ruth Sweedler Family Endowment Fund
(provide Beth El children of all ages, a religious education)

Amy E. Toyen Endowment Fund
(support community activities directed towards Tikun Olam, sponsored or supported by Beth El Temple)

Marion & George Trehub Endowment Fund

Henry, Sylvia/Josh Weiner Fund
(provide 12th grade graduation book awards; and high school age children’s programs)

I. Milton Widem Adult Education Fund
(support adult education and Shabbat forums at Beth El)

Sisterhood-Women's Network Endowment Fund
(support Women's Network at Beth El)

Beth El Temple Special Funds

Beth El has non-endowment Special Funds that support a variety of synagogue programs and activities.

Beautification Fund: for projects which improve the elegance and beauty of Beth El Temple, including the Ceremonial Court.

- Ceremonial Court

Camp Ramah Fund: to provide subsidies to children attending Camp Ramah. 

Cantor’s Music Fund: for the purchase of music & supplies to enhance the worship experience. 

Cemetery Fund: to help support the upkeep of the Beth El Cemetery.

Chai Society Fund: to support programs for Beth El Temple congregants, 55 years and older.

Early Childhood Fund: to support and enhance the Early Childhood community. 

Education Fund: to enhance the innovative educational experiences of our school children. 

Friends of Ari Santiago Temple Accessibility Fund: to develop handicapped accessible Temple projects. 

Max Goldfield Fund: to help needy members of our community at times of personal difficulty. 

Hagshamah Fund: a special fund to help infertile couples.

Jewish Continuity Fund: to support programs and resources for innovative, educational, cultural or religious endeavors to promote Jewish identity. 

Judaica Museum Fund: to purchase items of Judaica for permanent display.

Frances & Sidney Kaplan Audio Fund: to purchase equipment that connects to the Temple sound system to assist hearing impaired members.

Library Fund: to purchase books and periodicals for Temple library. 

Prayerbook Fund: to purchase siddurim and chumashim for Shabbat and holidays. 

Rabbi Rosen’s Discretionary Fund: for philanthropic purposes to be dispensed at the personal discretion of Rabbi Rosen. 

Rabbi Zerin's Discretionary Fund: for philanthropic purposes to be dispensed at the personal discretion of Rabbi Zerin. 

Joe Springut Security Fund: to support security needs at Beth El.

Taste of Shabbat Fund: to defray the costs of Kiddushim and luncheons on Shabbat. 

Temple Fund: to defray costs of maintenance and refurbishing of our facilities in addition to mortgage amortization. 

Tsedakah/Chesed Fund: to support charitable needs and community social action. 

- Hineini Fund

Youth Activities Fund: to subsidize the cost for informal youth activities. 

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